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Premier College advisory programmes begin in JS 1 and continue through the students’ senior year. The structured advisory programme integrates academic support, team-building, self-development programmes, community involvement, and activities that incorporate higher level thinking and communication skills.

Advisory events are led by teachers who serve as students’ mentors, advocates, and primary links between home and school. Students develop supportive relationships with adults they trust, as well as with their peers. Advisory becomes a safe space where kids can try out new ideas and explore their own identities. In the process, they cultivate a sense of self - academically, emotionally, and socially.

Beyond the relationships students form with their advisor and peers, students participate in activities that create links to the school and the greater community.

Additionally, students engage in thoughtful - and often lively - discussions about national and world events. They learn to analyze the sources, share their thoughts, listen to others’ opinions, and respect differing points of view.

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