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The Young Professionals Programme is a core concern of Premier College operations. We believe secondary education should not be about passing examinations and getting certified only. Rather education should incorporate self discovery, self development and ultimately self actualization.

It is our firm belief that when children are provided with the right tools, atmosphere and appropriate motivation that can start achieving their goals from their teenage years.

The YPP is conceptualised that digital literacy and expertise at the core of the competency of the leader of the future. We believe that the leader of the future is not secure behind the wall of his credentials rather he/she empowered by the skill possessed.

How it works

All enrolled students are issued a laptop computer on resumption for the new academic session. The computer then becomes a companion as assignments are given out and returned via the internet using the school wireless connection.

However, beyond that, there is an allocation of two lat periods of the school day that student take informal classes that are essentially ICT based.

At the beginning of each term, students are given an opportunity to declare their interest and our life coaches recommend a software or computer language that the child must learn and perfect that term.


At the end of each term, all students are expected to present an original project using the software or computer language based on the recommendation of the assigned life coach. Opportunities for further development are then assessed so that progress can be made.

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