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Premier College assessment system is based on a regular evaluation of student’s cognitive competencies on a bi-weekly basis. Assessment is implemented on the basis of a student’s knowledge, interpretation of facts, critical thinking and analysis. A separate assessment module has been designed for the enrichment programme focussing on hands-on skills, innovation and creativity.

Progress reports

Progress reports are issued bi-weekly both electronically and in printed copies. Parents are encouraged to make use of our Portal to monitor the progress and development of their kids. The portal is an avenue for teachers and parents to interact and identify solutions to current educational and behavioural problems of any student

Mid-Term Examinations

Premier College organizes mid-term tests for all students in the main curriculum areas. The performance in these test are collated and they contribute to the final term performance of the student.

End of term examination

End of term examinations are part of the ways Premier College assesses the growth and development of all its students. These exams serve as preparations for all students to checkpoint exams. Apart from this, it also helps assessors to understand how much the child has learnt over the duration of the term.

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