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There are many reasons why Premier College is right for your child. But, we’ll give you six.

Personal Laptop Computer:

At Premier College, we don’t believe in a specialised computer lab where students go to learn about the computer. Rather we provide each student a personal mobile computer upon registration. This is because learning at Premier College revolves around technology.

Active Laboratory Based Learning

Our students don’t go to classes – they go to laboratories. At Premier College, attention is placed on hands-on learning as opposed to theoretical learning. That’s why each of our learning centres is dedicated to one subject only making them essentially laboratories.

Free Textbooks

Unlike in traditional schools where parents are expected to buy textbooks for students at an extra cost, Premier College supplies all approved readings and supplementary texts for our students at no extra cost to parents. These books provides each student with academic tools needed for success.

Total Care System

We care about your child’s overall wellbeing. That is why our Total Care System includes a Free Full-Meal Lunch, Life/Career Counselling and an 8-hours-per-week enrichment programme. The enrichment programme involves IT and vocational skills development, After-School Tutoring and the Home Work Lounge. Download our View-Book for more details.

No Extra or Hidden fees

We know good education costs money. But we do not hide fees or add sundry costs to your child’s tuition. Textbooks, uniforms, medical, sports, library, laboratory, PTA, examinations and development are non existent in our billing. PC is a 1-fee College with no extras or surprises.

Our People

Our members of staff (teaching and non-teaching) have been chosen with a lot of care. As an organizational policy, we only recruit highly qualified and experienced tutors who have proven themselves as life coaches and role models. Be rest assured knowing that your child is in safe hands.

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