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All our laboratories are equipped with relevant state-of-the-art ICT enhancements to create a learning environment that is smooth, innovative and exciting. Our majestic school complex is wirelessly connected to the internet so that students and teachers alike can safely browse the web through for research.

Information and Communications Technologies provide an opportunity for students to become masters in all the core subjects as demonstrations, application and exploration of concepts becomes easier and more visual. In subjects like mathematics which draws upon abstract concepts, our learning centres come alive with smart whiteboards, tablets, laptops as visualization and manipulation of variable becomes routine.

Our unique learning system – the first in Ogun State – encourages your child to learn better and smarter.

ICT is very much in play in our Enrichment programme. During your child’s studentship with us, we will creatively encourage the discovery of talents and the use of talents in software-related engagements. Students who dream of being future computer engineers and scientist are encouraged and given all the necessary tools and support to start writing computer programs today. In every life domain, we design a related software angle and each child develops competencies through self development and usage.

ICT is at the heart of parent-teacher-student interaction. All our students have an email address on the school domain and parents are advised to create an account on the school portal to constantly be in touch with their children’s development.

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