Boarding House Checklist – For All Students

The list below contains allowed items for hostel-students to bring along for admittance into the Hostel. The list has been updated for the 2016/17 Academic Session starting September 18th 2016:

• Bed sheets & Blankets – 2 sets
• Mattress cover – 1
• Pillows – 1

• Towels/washcloths – 2
• Shower sandals/flip flops – 1
• Personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, pads etc.)

• School Uniform – Min 2 sets. House, Religious & Sports wares.
• scarf for girls, hat for boys
• Clothes hangers & Laundry Bags
• laundry detergent, stain removers, cloth drying rack & clips
• Small sewing kit
• Under-the-bed bins or storage crates

Desk & School Supplies:
• Alarm clock
• Rechargeable desk lamp / Flashlight
• School supplies (i.e., pens, pencils, notebooks, highlighters, etc.)
• USB or flash drive
• Calendar/assignment book/planner

Food/Food items:
• Snacks (with sealable containers to store leftovers)
• Reusable mug/cup/water bottle
• Dishes/bowls/plates/utensils

Medical/Health Related Items:
• First aid kit
• Necessary medications (Note: prescription pain and other medications must be stored at the Health Center)

Other Items You Don’t Need, But May bring along:
• Decorations (must be hung so as not to damage walls or paint or create fire hazards)
• Pictures from home
• Cleaning supplies (disinfectant, cleaning spray and/or wipes)
• Books for pleasure reading
• Board games and a deck of cards
• Bug spray (insecticide)

Items That Are NOT Permitted (which may lead to disciplinary action):

  • Cell Phones and Chargers
    • Irons (these are provided in each dormitory common room)
    • Candles/incense
    • Lighters and matches
    • Halogen lamps/bulbs
    • Hot plates or cooking stoves
    • Toasters/toaster ovens
    • Coffee makers of any kind
    • Water dispenser/delivery
    • Television set
    • Game console and DVD players
    • Knives, Blades, Bottled drinks and Other sharp objects
    • Alcohol or illegal drugs

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